Friday, 2 September 2011

Hoylake 10k - Please Help

On Sunday 18th September I will once again be taking part in the Hoylake 10k race.

As last year, I will be raising funds for two very worthwhile causes, detailed below.

And once again, I am asking you if you would be prepared to help me by entering a competition to guess my finishing time for the race.

This year's incentive to enter is that the entry closest to guessing my official finishing time will win a copy of another one of my favourite photographs.

The 2011 photograph is from the Wirral and actually shows part of the course on which the annual race takes place (see above). It is a winter sunset scene showing the coastal path which stretches along West Wirral and ends at Birkenhead. It features the Leasowe lighthouse, the oldest brick-built light in the world. The winning entry will receive a 16" by 11" print, with a plain white mount surrounding the image.

Entries cost GBP5 each and there is no limit to the amount of times you can place your guess. Simply email - - or text  - 07831 838717 - me your guess in minutes and seconds i.e. 52.37 and pay the entry fee either by cheque (email me for my address) or online via PayPal ( - my account is ). If two entries are the same, I will reallocate your guess to the nearest available slot in minutes and seconds.

I will be raising money for two specific projects:

Wednesday Special Needs Club Soft Play Sensory Resource. Located just around the corner from where I live and where the race will be run, the Soft Play Sensory Resource caters to the particular requirements of Wirral's special needs people of all ages. It is run and supported by the volunteer helpers of the Wednesday Special Needs Club, which has no official funding. It is located in a specially equipped room in Hoylake Community Centre (registered charity no. 1015141). For more information go to

Musa's Family. During my trip to Swaziland in 2008, I had the privilege to meet Musa, who lives with his extended family in a small stockade in Pine Valley, near Mbabane on the edge of the Drachenberg mountains. Like almost all families in Swaziland, Musa's family have suffered due to the staggeringly high incidences of HIV/AIDS in a country which has the highest rates of infection and the lowest life expectancy in the world. Over the last three years, I have attempted to help Musa, who is the head of the family and the main breadwinner, by paying for him to study accountancy and to gain a qualification that will allow him the opportunity of a good career that in turn will help him support his family. I am delighted to say that Musa has passed all his exams and is now qualified. In addition, I have raised the necessary money to allow Musa's homestead to be connected to the the electricity supply. This will be completed shortly. By sponsoring me in running the Hoylake 10k you will be a part of the support that I give to Musa which allows him to buy everyday items, travel to work and pay for his nieces and nephews to attend primary school. To see a gallery of photos of Musa and his family, please visit

I am aware that these are difficult times (the cuts are biting!) and that many of you will already support charities and fundraising events. Nevertheless, any amount you can support me with will be greatly appreciated by everyone at the WSNC and by Musa and his family. Last year I finished the race in a personal best of 48 minutes and 03 seconds and my aim is to at least match that time this year. I'd also like to match the GBP630 which was raised last year.

For more information about my photography, please visit

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