Monday, 2 April 2012

If that's a Rembrandt, I'm a Dutchman!

It's not every day that one of my photographs is compared (favourably) to the work of an Old Master; indeed I had to check that the date was not April 1st.

I am not sure what Rembrandt would make of the comparison between one of his paintings and one of my photographs. Nevertheless, it was flattering to read the following comment on the Guardian's letters page today.

The real story is not my picture but the issue behind it; a small, individual example of how a government's policy has a direct impact on peoples' lives. In this instance, the broad brush of welfare reform causing hardship and misery to a young family simply trying to do their best for themselves.

It's a snapshot of modern Britain, one that has a resonance with a bygone age in which the poorest and the weakest were cast out from society. Rembrandt would recognise that, at least.

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